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Our Purpose

Saving the World One Coupon at a Time

Recently, the COVID-19 virus has spread throughout our community. This is the time where we need to come together to help the disadvantaged, but are still unable to leave our homes.

The Coupon Collective was founded on the principle that any high schooler can make a difference just with their natural talents. Our mission is to raise money to help homeless shelters provide food, shelter, and stability to those hit hardest by the COVID epidemic. We are not in this for profit. We are in this for the difference we can make.

A Message From Our Founder

“This project started off as a wild idea I had while eating pancakes, and now we have been live for months with a store of 50 products, a team of 30 high schoolers, multiple partners, and more money raised than my entire net-worth. It’s been a wild ride, but one that I believe has been worth the 5-hour video calls, hundreds of emails, and stress-induced grey hair. But despite all we have accomplished, the batter is still only sizzling. While I started this to do my part in helping others through this global epidemic, it has grown into something more. Something with the power to help others while uniting our community and giving everyone a chance to be a hero, just by doing what they love. Please join us in turning what began as a flour-induced fantasy into a movement with the power to make a real difference.”

Our Team


Joel George


Technical Director

Davin Martin

Social Media Director

Christine Kinzfogl


Sabrina Bensley

Samantha Broglio

Noah Büttner

Jennie Christenfeld

Trevor Cope

Esha Dudhwewala

Olivia Fisher

Reetom Gangopadhyay

Lucas Garay

Gigi Gibowicz

Nathan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert

Eva Gilbert

Leila Gorishi

Jackson Hild

Miller Howrey

Christine Kinzfogl

Katie LaScaleia

Riya Misra

Gustavo Molina

Bella Omar

Ethan Parillo

Jonathan Porteous

Katy Ricker

Ashton Roth

Joanna Schwartz

Aria Shi

Ben Simon

Rebecca Teng

Dasha Trosteanetchi

Eugene Tu

Bridget Whyte

Caleb Yee

LS Speech and Debate

LSB Players

LS Friends of Music

LS Musicians Union

Top Partners


Chili Basil Thai

El Basha Grille

Fairfield Inn by Marriott

Papa Gino's




Town Line Hardware


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